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The life you live and the reality you experience is all a creation in your mind. So, your life is an illusion. A complex circuitry of neural pathways and social programming shape the way you choose to interpret the external matrix around you. This does not make you powerless, in fact, it makes you powerful! Each new moment brings us an infinite number of combinations and permutations to experience. All we need to do is choose. Your life can change in your next thought.

Beyond the Illusion

Music touches our emotions. Emotions are the language of the soul. Songs have many dimensions which may touch us; the voice, the melody, the musical arrangement, the lyrics or simply the way the whole song makes us feel. Whatever intangible quality permeates your being, it is my hope that you allow yourself to be touched at this deeper level, beyond the physical confines of this costume that we call a body. When the spirit harmonizes with the body, we become whole.

Finding Id