Let the solo & duo GIGS begin

I’m excited to start doing some duo cover gigs with my good friend Guy Lamarche … (bNg) … we have been making music for decades along two separate paths until early 2022, when our journeys merged. Still isolated by the pandemic, we decided to join forces and create a unique duo sound that harnesses both of our musical fortes. Combining Bruce’s unique approach to the 12-string acoustic guitar along with Guy’s versatility of playing keyboard, bass and mandolin, we quickly gelled and found themselves exploring music that expanded our expertise and creativity beyond the reach of a solo artist.

Soon, bNg were able to establish a style that layers rhythms and adds textures to a wide variety of classics from the 60’s to the present, including such artists as Blue Rodeo, Eagles, Neil Young, REM, Tom Petty, John Cougar, Bruce Hornsby, Elton John and The Cars ….. just to name a few. Within a few short months of that inaugural session, they have been playing gigs in Cornwall, Long Sault and the Ottawa area at pubs, clubs, festivals and private events. We are known as Bruce & Guy (bNg) … very original huh !!!!

…. check out our demo video below

Bruce & Guy demo video 

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