About the Artist

Music touches our emotions. Emotions are the language of the soul. Songs have many dimensions which may touch us; the voice, the melody, the musical arrangement, the lyrics or simply the way the whole song makes us feel. Whatever intangible quality permeates your being, it is my hope that you allow yourself to be touched at this deeper level, beyond the physical confines of this costume that we call a body. When the spirit harmonizes with the body, we become whole.

Bruce (Liam) Ciccarelli is a seasoned veteran with decades of music experiences, fine tuned in rock bands, churches , choirs and studios and as a producer to several local artists who have recorded in his home studio.

As an indy singer-songwriter based in the Eastern Ontario and Ottawa regions, he has returned to his acoustic roots and solo career, writing a unique blend of music that falls somewhere in the realms of spiritual/inspirational folk, where the song must be able to stand on it’s own – just voice and guitar.

His debut CD – Finding id (2007) was a collection of songs that reflects our common journey – a journey to find ourselves. It’s success was followed by his most recent CD release – Beyond the Illusion (June 2011) which reflects a theme that the life you live and the reality you experience is all a creation in your mind. In May 2013, he released a single called  “Carry On”. It is a song of hope and inspiration and was written in reflection for those who have and who are battling cancer. Bruce is currently completing some music videos and is in the studio working on his next CD AWAKEN for release in 2019.

Bruce plays extensively around the Eastern Ontario and Ottawa regions where he continues to develop his performing skills in pubs, private parties and special events playing classic rock, folk and original music.

Take a moment to enjoy his videos, download his music and keep up to date with upcoming shows & new original music.