Bruce ( Liam ) Ciccarelli

About Bruce

Bruce Wil – LIAM Ciccarelli?s music has drawn comparisons to the sounds of Neil Young and Cat Stevens. After spending over 10 years on the indy rock circuit , he has returned to his acoustic ballad roots and put his efforts towards his own solo career dealing with the purity of the sound that comes from the acoustic guitarist and his voice where a song must be able to stand on it?s own. Bruce’s debut CD – Finding id , is a collection of songs that reflects our common journey; a journey to find ourselves. Born in St.Catharines , Ont, and now living in Cornwall, Ont. he is a seasoned veteran with over 2 decades of music experiences, fine tuned in churches, choirs, rock bands, studios and as a producer to several local artist who record in his home studio.



Live Performances

In pubs, you’ll be entertained with a highly energetic performance of a variety of songs from the 60’s through to the present. Some are classic rock and folk, some are top 40, some are “huh ? I wasn’t expecting that but it was really cool” and some are simply ” ahhhhhh ? I haven’t heard that song for awhile”.