Finding Id

Finding Id

Bruce Liam

Music touches our emotions, Emotions are the language of the soul. In this CD, Bruce has returned to his acoustic roots, writing songs with meaningful lyrics and flowing melodies. His philosophy is that "a song must be able to be performed raw – just voice and guitar - where the song must be able to stand on it’s own". Finding id (2007) is a collection of songs that reflects our common journey – a journey to find ourselves.


  • 1. Free to Be

    Beyond the physical confines of this costume that we call a body, we are all spirits having a human experience.

  • 2. I’ll Be There

    Written for my daughter when she was born, sometimes we can feel as if we are on life’s journey alone, but there are people who will always be there for you.

  • 3. Someday

    Ah yes, good ‘ol procrastination …… even in our spiritual journey, we often “know” what needs to be done but we are not quite ready to do the work that needs to be done. Knowing is the first step, action makes it real.

  • 4. Blue Flame

    I was inspired with these words when I heard that there are people who are able to meditate at such a deep level that they are able to see a blue flame ( the soul ).

  • 5. Alone in my Mind

    It is a song that asks us to look inside and reconnect with ourself. What a joy that would be – to rediscover ourselves. We need to find that quiet time, undistracted from the social noise that pollutes our air and just BE. Check out my YouTube video for this song.

  • 6. Rise Up

    As we journey to a higher level of consciousness, we must rise above the daily experiences that hold us back.

  • 7. Back Home

    Another song inspired by my daughter’s birth, it’s a simple message – that no matter where your life takes you, you will always be able to come back home both on a physical level and spiritual level.

  • 8. God’s Greatest Gift

    This was inspired by my wife – my fiancé at the time. It was a song that I wrote to propose to her. When I meet her, it became very clear that God had blessed me with many gifts, but she was the greatest of them all.

  • 9. Vagabond

    Have you ever met a homeless person on the streets ? Immediately our minds fill with stereotypical judgments without knowing anything about them. Do you know their story ? What brought them to this point ? I’m sure they didn’t plan this …… why do we run away ?

  • 10. Soul Mates

    The eyes are the windows to the soul. We interact with many different souls; partners, family members, friends. But with some people, there is often a feeling or a connection that you can’t explain, that you’ve known each other all your life or maybe even in a past life.

  • 11. Since I found You

    Walking through life , day after day , can become monotonous and numbing. Then , someone seems to break through and the shades of grey become colourful again.

  • 12. Waiting There For Me

    I (often) find that when someone passes away, the mourning process is a reflection not only of how we miss that person but it tends to be a wake up call to ourselves about how we are living our lives. Are we missing the simple things in life ? Are we truly “ awake “ ourselves ? Do we take this opportunity to readjust our lives to make them the fullest they can be ? If we truly believe that the soul lives on, then we will be together again. So, death becomes a wake up call for the living.